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CEHTRA (Consultancy for Environmental & Human Toxicology and Risk Assessment) was created in 2001 by Pierre Gérard Pontal and Philippe Adrian. Since then we have grown into highly respected regulatory compliance consultancy.

Our focus is on scientific and innovative solutions ensuring regulatory compliance of chemicals to international obligations: From portfolio strategy to notification of chemicals and from human exposure to site audits.

Our consultants provide high quality personal regulatory services to companies such as yours committed to the safety of their products, at optimised costs.

Key dates:

  • 2019: CEHTRA GmbH Germany opens
  • 2018: CEHTRA Spain opens
  • 2016: H2B After 16 years dedicated to providing high quality regulatory services to its clients, CEHTRA is moving to the next level in its development by restructuring its capital within the H2B Services group, created by Xavier Dennery.
  • 2014: inSilico CEHTRA opens a new subsidiary: KREATiS provides studies from High-Accuracy QSARs for regulatory purposes in the field of chemicals (more on
  • 2012: PARIS Laurence Gasnot becomes Manager of CEHTRA Paris.
  • 2012: Socio-economic analysis for REACH authorisation is proposed by ChemAdvocacy, the Joint Venture formed with ChemService and Microeconomix.
  • 2011: TORONTO, CANADA CEHTRA crosses the Atlantic ocean and opens CEHTRA North America, located in Toronto and managed by Jason Nugent.
  • 2011: TRIVANDRUM, INDIA TRAQ stands for Toxicology, Risk Assessment and Quality: office opens in Trivandrum. CEHTRA buys its shares of KES and merges to TRAQ under Arun Sam Lal’s management.
  • 2010: NEW DELHI, INDIA CEHTRA enters in a Joint Venture with Dynamic Orbits, an Indian service provider, to create KES (Knowledgeage Environmental Service).
  • 2010: NOTTINGHAM, UK Peter Jenkinson leaves a leading CRO to become CEHTRA UK Manager.
  • 2009: LYON Paul Thomas is appointed Manager of the Lyon office.
  • 2008: WORLDWIDE CEHTRA opens LTS-REACH-OR in Bordeaux, its subsidiary for Only Representative services under REACH, managed by Lionel Diafouka.
  • 2005: BORDEAUX The headquarters office is relocated from Nice to Bordeaux.
  • 2002: BRUSSELS CEHTRA Europe, headquartered in Brussels, is created with Philippe Adrian as Manager.
  • 2001: NICE Pierre-Gérard Pontal and Philippe Adrian create the company. The headquarters are located in Nice.
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