Science Beyond regulatory compliance


Introduction to Regulatory Toxicology and Risk Assessment for Human Health


Part 1 – Regulatory Toxicology – Overview
Part 2 – ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion): basics
Part 3 – Acute systemic toxicity (oral, dermal, inhalation)
Part 4 – Local tolerance: dermal and ocular
Part 5 – Skin sensitisation
Part 6 – Repeated-dose and chronic toxicity
Part 7 – Reproductive toxicity and teratogenicity
Part 8 – Mutagenesis and genotoxicity
Part 9 – Carcinogenicity
Part 10 – Introduction to non-experimental alternative methods used in toxicology
Part 11 – Introduction to the determination of Toxicity Reference Values
Part 12 – Introduction to human health Risk Assessment
Part 13 – Toxicology as described in a regulatory dossier (REACH) – Case study

2 days

2 200 Excl VAT


In the context of product safety:

►  Understand  the place of toxicology in the life of substances according to the regulations

►  Know the main tests, the difficulties and issues implied

►  Optimize the interactions between Managers and Experts


► Product safety departments

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Expert Toxicologist
more detailsCarole Charmeau holds a PhD in Toxicology and is qualified as a European Registered Toxicologist (ERT). She has 20 years of experience with industrial chemicals and agrochemicals gained at IARC and Rhodia. She joined CEHTRA in 2008 as a senior toxicologist to strengthen the REACH team, providing strategy to assess the hazard of chemicals for human health using alternative methods. Carole is also specialised in the derivation of Derived No Effect Levels for the human. She developped the IFRA consumer exposure scenarios guidance (2011) and was involved in ECHA’s project for the consumer risk assessment developing scenarios in ConsExpo to be imported in CHESAR. Since 2014, Carole has participated in human health R&D projects at KREATiS, a daughter company of CEHTRA specialised in the development of High Accuracy In-Silico models to predict regulatory experimental endpoints such as skin/eye irritation potential or skin sensitisation potential of chemicals. In January 2018, Carole joined KREATiS as Managing Director of the company where she continues to provide expert toxicology advice for both CEHTRA and KREATiS.
Nathalie MAYER
more detailsNathalie MAYER has a PhD on translational research for tissue reconstruction, aiming in particular at developing novel tissue engineering procedures for human cartilage repair. In June 2014, she successfully defended her PhD at the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1. Later, she worked as a program coordinator for the 2015 edition of BIOVISION, the World Life Sciences Forum. She spent 2 years in KREATiS to develop new models to replace experimentation for human health endpoints and gained expertise in toxicology especially in skin sensitization, skin and eye irritation and acute toxicity. She joined CEHTRA in January 2018 as a toxicologist and now works mainly on REACH dossiers.
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