Science Beyond regulatory compliance

ecotoxicology - the basics

Understand the studies and how to put them into application


Part 1

Environment: Regulatory aspects

•Revision of the physico chemical parameteres used:
–Henry's Constant
–Log Kow
•Studies of abiotic degradation :
•Studies of biotic degradation :
–Studies of biodegradation easy/intrinsic
–Simulation studies


Part 2

Ecotoxicology: Regulatory Aspects

•Organisms used in regulatory ecotoxicology
•Ecotoxicology studies: methods used
•The principal of studies: essential criteria
•Statistical methods
•Introduction to risk evaluation: Derivation PNEC from ecotoxicology studies
•Introduction to alternative methods, avoiding animal testing used in ecotoxicology

1 day

1 100 Excl VAT


►  Understand the basics of ecotoxicology studies and how they can be used in Classification & Labelling and risk assessment


►  People in Regulatory Affairs teams

►  Scientists with little or no environmental experience

Fiche pdf


Expert Ecotoxicologist
more detailsPaul Thomas has a PhD in aquatic ecotoxicology and more than 20 years experience with industrial chemicals, agrochemicals and biocides gained at CIT then ATOFINA and AkzoNobel where he was head of the Ecotoxicology research laboratory and risk assessment group. He joined CEHTRA in 2008 as director of CEHTRA Lyon specialising in REACH issues and risk assessment and is manager of the CEHTRA ecotoxicology team. Since that time he has contributed strongly to numerous successful registrations out of the >300 substances that CEHTRA has registered since 2010. He has also championed the in Silico group and led the ECETOC group on relationships between Chemical Activity and toxicity. In January 2018 he moved from Managing Director to President of KREATiS SAS, the company he founded specialising in the development of High Accuracy In-Silico models to predict regulatory experimental endpoints.
Blandine JOURNEL
Senior Ecotoxicologist
more detailsBlandine Journel has completed her PhD in Environmental Geochemistry with a training course on “Management and treatment of industrial effluents – Environmental management” from the CLIDEP centre of Sophia Antipolis. Blandine worked first for the City of Nice as an officer in charge for the Environmental Laboratory de l’Environnement; she joined CEHTRA in 2002, shortly after the company's creation. As a Senior Ecotoxicologist, Blandine is in charge of the environmental and ecotoxicological risk assessment of chemicals, especially for the pharmaceutical field. She also performs the analyses of ecotoxicological properties and data-gap analyses, and monitors ecotoxicological studies. Blandine also prepares and coordinates regulatory dossiers for Plant Protection Products.
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