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  • Regulatory TOXICOLOGY
    Introduction to Regulatory Toxicology and Risk Assessment for Human Health
    more details 2 days
  • Safety of cosmetic products
    Regulatory context and safety report
    more details 1 day
  • ecotoxicology - the basics
    Understand the studies and how to put them into application
    more details 1 day
  • ecotoxicology - advanced
    The studies, the results and how to avoid pitfalls
    more details 2 days
  • ECETOC TRA Version 3
    Human Exposure Assessment
    more details 1 day
  • plant protection - Residues
    MRL and consumer risk assessment for Plant protection Product (Reg 1107/2009)
    more details 1 day
  • biocide regulation - You decide what you wish to learn
    The Fundamentals, Biocide Product Families, Technical Equivalence
    more details 1 day
  • Reach authorisation
    L’autorisation REACH, avant et après inclusion de votre substance d’intérêt
    more details 1 day
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
    From Selecting Strategy to Result Interpretation
    more details 1 day
  • CLASSIFICATION CLP Fundamentals of CLP
    Identify the data to be taken into account
    Be able to use the new classification criteria

    more details 1 day
  • On-site Chemical Risk Assessment
    The essentials - all you need to know
    more details 1 day
  • Safety Data Sheets1-16
    Writing Sections 1 to 16
    more details 1 day
  • CHESAR 3
    Environmental Exposure Assessment for REACH
    more details 1 day
  • Extended Safety Data Sheets
    Chemical Safety Assessment
    more details 1 day
  • Environmental Assessment of Pesticides
    Understand the studies, the results and the environmental exposure assessment and be able to write Tier 1 risk assessment
    more details 1 day
    Fundamentals and Challenges of Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009
    more details 1 day
  • OECD QSAR Toolbox
    An Introduction to Replacing Experimentations using Read-Across and QSAR Modelling
    more details 1 day
    From the theory, methods, review protocols, reports and data interpretation
    more details 1 day
    Fundamentals of Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006
    more details 1 day


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Cehtra is Datadock certified
Cehtra is Datadock certified

What people are saying

« Friendly setting, trainer ready to answer questions and to adapt the content of the course to the needs of the participants. » Mathilde Perez, Product Regulation Manager at ARKEMA, training course on CHESAR
« More input than expected and hoped for. Total satisfaction. » David Bottigioli, President of CREABIO RHONE-ALPES, training course on Cosmetic Regulation
« Very well presented. Right pace. Good examples. » Valérie Verlinden, REACH Expert at SOLVAY, training course on On-site Chemical Risk Assessment
« Very clear. Very useful. » Fang-Fand Weng, Registration and Regulatory Affairs Manager at PHYTEUROP, customised training course on Calculation of Predicted Concentrations in Ground Waters
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