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How do Biocidal Product Families work? Accelerate your time to market!

How do Biocidal Product Families work? Accelerate your time to market!
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Objectives I Skills and Abilities

Understand the regulatory obligations of the different actors involved in authorising the marketing of a biocidal product


Part 1 - Background to the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)
Part 2 - Description of the different actors involved in the authorisation of Biocidal products
Part 3 - Active substance
Part 4 - Biocidal Products
Part 5 - Assessment of learning through a final quiz

Methodology used

The training is delivered through a presentation containing case studies, role plays and continuous interaction with the expert. The support will be given to the trainees. A final quiz will validate the acquired knowledge.

For better online learning, our training courses are held in small groups of a minimum of three people up to a maximum capacity of 6 people. Our courses are delivered through synchronous learning.



Anyone concerned with the regulations of biocidal products.



7 hours

From 580€

Portrait de la mode

Nathalie Hanon

Head of Biocides

Parole de client

« I am very satisfied with this training course which is well adapted to my background and which met my needs. Furthermore, the distance learning format is entirely satisfactory, and the limited number of trainees facilitates exchanges. »

La certification qualité a été délivrée au titre de la catégorie d’action suivante : ACTION DE FORMATION.

A propos de CEHTRA

Nous sommes spécialisés depuis 20 ans dans l’accompagnement des entreprises pour la mise sur le marché de substances ou produits chimiques en France et également en Europe, et hors Europe.

Nos toxicologues, écotoxicologues, chimistes mettent à votre disposition leur expertise pour assurer la conformité réglementaire de vos produits.

Avec une équipe de 70 personnes, nous couvrons une dizaine de secteurs dont REACH, les biocides, les produits phytosanitaires…

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