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Extended Safety Data Sheets

Chemical Safety Assessment


• Master the TIER 1 assessment tools for human health and environment
• Overview of modelling tools (ECETOC TRA)
• Use of Industrial Hygiene data
• Scaling
• CSA/CSR for downstream users: scope,  methods
• SDS: regulatory recap
• Extended SDS: raw materials and mixtures put on the  market
• Checking the operational implementation of Operational Conditions & Risk Management Measures indicated in the Exposure Scenario


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► Master basics of regulatory and technical aspects of chemical safety assessment (according to the European REACH regulation), especially for downstream users

► Get an overall picture of modelling tools

► Learn about the key models and in silico methods used in REACH including ECETOC TRA

► Use “scaling” principals to their full potential

► Be able to analyse suppliers’ extended Safety Data Sheets (e-SDS)

►  Integrate and adapt information from e-SDS of individual substances to transform them into a new e-SDS for a mixture (with examples)


► HSE Managers
► Site Managers
► Occupational physicians

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Industrial Hygienist
more detailsCharles has a PhD in Geochemistry and over 15 years' experience as an industrial hygienist, and was one of the first in France to obtain the CIH certification (Certified Industrial Hygienist). Charles first worked as an expert in the assessment and prevention of radiological risk for environment at SSRE, before joining BRACE Ingénierie to develop their Department for occupational and industrial exposure to asbestos. He was then Head of the Industrial Hygiene Department and Agency Manager at ITGA, CARSO group, for more than 10 years. He joined CEHTRA in 2009 developing exposure scenario in REACH dossiers and e-SDS. Through audits and other site studies, and using current models in risk assessment, he has gained a large experience in many industrial sector activities and acquired a unique understanding of health and safety industrial culture.
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