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Plant protection - Residues

MRL and consumer risk assessment for Plant protection Product (Reg 1107/2009)


1. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

2. Qualitative exposure

3. Quantitative exposure

4. Dietary Risk Assessment

• Specific points

• Practical cases


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► Understand the principles of quantitative exposure (metabolism study),

► Understand the principles of qualitative exposure (field residue studies, livestock feeding studies, processing studies...),

► Understand the determination of the MRL,

► Understand consumer risk assessment


► spécialiste réglementaire


Philippe ADRIAN
Expert Environment Consultant
more detailsPhilippe Adrian holds a PhD in soil sciences. He also did a post-doc in Chemistry at the Institut of Ecological Chemistry of Pr. Dr. F. Korte in Munich, Germany. His initial work as a researcher at CNRS studying the impact of xenobiotics led Philippe to join Rhone-Poulenc Agrochemicals as Study Director for the Chemical Analytical Service then he went on to manage the registering and defence for a selection of herbicides and fungicides. He remained with plant protection products and biocides when he worked for FMC in Brussels. In 2001, Philippe founded CEHTRA with Pierre-Gérard Pontal. For two years (2002 - 2004), Philippe Adrian and Pierre-Gérard were appointed expert evaluators for the French Committee for Toxics for the Minister of Agriculture. Philippe has developed modelling expertise for pesticides according to current models, as well as biocides using relevant TGD's
Senior Environment Consultant
more details
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