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Regulatory Ecotoxicology: From appropriate study conduct to environmental risk assessment

Regulatory Ecotoxicology: From appropriate study conduct to environmental risk assessment
Ancre 1


Objectives I Skills and Abilities

Better understand why studies are carried out, what the results mean and how they can be used for Classification & Labelling and Risk Assessment
Be able to spot study pitfalls and know how to avoid them


Part 1 - Environmental data
Reminder of useful physico-chemical parameters
Abiotic degradation studies
Biotic degradation studies

Part 2 - Ecotoxicology
Organisms used in regulatory ecotoxicology
Ecotoxicology studies: methods
Principle of the studies: critical parameters
Alternative non-experimental methods used in ecotoxicology

Part 3 - Regulatory use of data
PBT, POP assessment
Risk assessment: Principle and derivation of PNEC from ecotoxicology studies

Part 4 - Q&A I Evaluation of knowledge through a final quiz

Methodology used

The training is delivered through a presentation containing case studies, role plays and continuous interaction with the expert. The support will be given to the trainees. A final quiz will validate the acquired knowledge.

For better online learning, our training courses are held in small groups of a minimum of three people up to a maximum capacity of 6 people. Our courses are delivered through synchronous learning.



Scientists and Regulatory Affairs Officers.


Bac +2.

10.5 Hours

From 870€

Portrait de la mode

Blandine Journel

Expert Ecotoxicologist

Parole de client

« The training was very comprehensive and understandable, including concrete cases to illustrate the concepts discussed. I now have a global vision of the existing ecotoxicological tests and have more insight on the type of tests to be conducted according to the ingredient to be tested. »

La certification qualité a été délivrée au titre de la catégorie d’action suivante : ACTION DE FORMATION.

A propos de CEHTRA

Nous sommes spécialisés depuis 20 ans dans l’accompagnement des entreprises pour la mise sur le marché de substances ou produits chimiques en France et également en Europe, et hors Europe.

Nos toxicologues, écotoxicologues, chimistes mettent à votre disposition leur expertise pour assurer la conformité réglementaire de vos produits.

Avec une équipe de 70 personnes, nous couvrons une dizaine de secteurs dont REACH, les biocides, les produits phytosanitaires…

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