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First Collective Intelligence platform
dedicated to the regulatory affairs
community for product safety

Designed in collaboration with Hypermind, PRISM
is a collective intelligence-based platform allowing:

a) to predict reliably and with high accurary, the foresights across multiple regulatory sectors including Biocides, Cosmetics, Plant Protection, REACH among others...

b) to help industry better understand the impact of any upcoming regulatory changes and allow them to adapt its business strategy accordingly. 


Why is CEHTRA launching PRISM?


  • CEHTRA is committed in a process to become a social economy company and has already established Collective Intelligence as its primary value.

  • PRISM contributes to organizing and optimizing Collective Intelligence of our business community, better forecasting, better decision making and more innovation to commit responsibly to the challenges that the planet is facing to behave as an active player in tomorrow’s life.

Why participate?


  • To access new data and understand the foresights of our community.

  • Whether you are an expert or have limited experience, every prediction counts. Experts tend to place more emphasis on science, while less experienced forecasters tend to better take into account all interference, of whatever nature. This is the very engine of collective intelligence.

  • There are nudges for the best forecasters. Their ranking is also accessible in real time. Finally, we plan to build a panel of "superforecasters".

What type of questions are asked?



1. Open questions

To generate and select ideas

For example : All participants are welcomed to propose ideas for questions. The ideas most likely to succeed are retained.

2. Closed questions

To make predictions among different options

(optimizing collective forecasts)

For example: Multiple choice questions

What makes PRISM unique?


  • Unlike other surveys averaging uninformed opinions, PRISM applies sophisticated statistical tools and processes which comply strictly with the collective intelligence principles, grounded in most recent research in cognitive science and behavioral economy


      Be a part of PRISM to believe it yourself!

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