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Created almost 20 years ago, we provide high quality scientific and innovative solutions ensuring regulatory compliance of chemicals to international obligations.


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When it comes to regulatory compliance outside of Europe, there is no ‘one method fits all’ approach. Here at CEHTRA we have developed our own internal tools designed to provide you the best worldwide, personalized and optimized strategy for a minimum cost. Our expert practitioners have collectively decades of experience and are able to hone in on the most up to date regulatory requirements for the designated target country. We prepare the Master dossier on which all other submissions are based. When required, our partners, chosen for their geographic proximity, language, and culture have the skills to prepare your submission dossiers.

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Are you required to renew an approval of an active substance, to submit a product authorisation or BPF dossier, to apply for Article 95 List inclusion or for Technical Equivalence?
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A solid, highly experienced team focused on helping you meet your compliance deadline. You're in safe hands.
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REACH Authorisation is a European risk management measure which aims to limit human and environmental exposure to substances considered of very high concern.
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Demonstrate the safety of both your finished products and ingredients. Get the packaging safety tested. Shorten the time to market.
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Experienced, quality support in managing the complex and constantly evolving regulation on food and food packaging
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For the safety of your pharmaceutical substances & products CEHTRA can assist you in the: - development of your new drugs - safety of your drug production (PDE, OEL/OEB) - generation of environmental risk assessment (ERA) for your MAA dossier (Directive 2004/27/EC)
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As a manufacturer or a distributor in the field of agriculture, you want to get your substances approved efficiently and get your Plant Protection Products on the market.
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A solid and comprehensive biological evaluation. From risk analysis, including physico-chemical and toxicological study monitoring through to the final biological evaluation report.
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Introducing 1bCoF

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Webinar : MÉDICAMENTS : Comment réaliser l'Évaluation de Risque Environnemental (ERA)

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The vote is out- The REACH committee vote for 11 substances

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REACH&CLP 2019 annual conference

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Cosmetic Valley - Chartres

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ABIM Switzerland

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Congres Biocide Lyon

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Replacing experimentation:
Browse though the KREATiS website and learn about our incredible daughter company – KREATiS replacing experimentation: Cut your lab study costs by using the High-Accuracy QSARs
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Webinar Chemical Watch CEHTRA Stephane Pierre 12 new annex VIX substances. Dr. Stéphane Pierre explains in detail the 12 new substances which in the coming months will normally be included in Annex XIV. The market sectors impacted, the timeline, latest application dates and he gives his insight into what makes a sucessful application.
CEHTRA Webinar Comment vous mettre en conformité avec les conditions autorisation. Un webinar en français présenté par Stéphane Pierre, notre expert en REACH Autorisation. Quelles mesures doivent mettre en place les utilisateurs de Chrome VI.
CEHTRA Webinar ChromiumVI Prolongation 6 dec 2018 Un webinar en français présenté par Stéphane Pierre, notre expert en REACH Autorisation. Un zoom sur les demandes de prolongation d'utilisation de Chromium VI
BPR Technical Equivalence A Practical Guide Webinar April 2018
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