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We provide high quality scientific and innovative solutions ensuring regulatory compliance of chemicals to international obligations.
Created almost 20 years ago, CEHTRA now has more than 70 consultants.
You are committed to the safety of your products.
We are committed to high quality regulatory services at optimized costs.

Your regulatory & compliance dossiers in safe hands

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2 new services you can trust CEHTRA with

REACH Authorisation

Chemical substances that are considered the most dangerous by the European Union are classified under Annex XIV of REACH (See authorisation list).
In order to be able to continue to use the substances, the companies are under the obligation to complete a complex and strategic dossier comprising a detailed risk evaluation, an analysis of alternatives and a complete socio-economic analysis. CEHTRA has the know-how and experience to cover all three of these dossiers using seasoned experts in the area with a long history of SEA experience.
You can feel more comfortable knowing that your dossier is safe in our hands.

Prioritisation / Anticipation REACH

More and more substances are listed on the ECHA Candidate List of substances of very high concern for Authorisation which comes with a business risk for a large number of industrial companies.
In order to predict the inclusion in this list, CEHTRA offers a Regulatory Watchdog service meaning that you will be informed of the probability of your substance being included in a 3, 5, or 10 year horizon. The service covers substances already commercialised and those currently being developed thus ensuring their mid-term use.
CEHTRA aims to build trust with our clients so you can feel your regulatory issues are safe in our hands.

Business Services


Are you required to renew an active substance, product authorisation dossier or BPF, Article 95 and Technical Equivalence?
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A solid, highly experienced team focused on helping you meet your compliance deadline. You're in safe hands.
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Demonstrate the safety of both your finished products and ingredients. Get the packaging safety tested. Shorten the time to market.
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Experienced, quality support in managing the complex and constantly evolving regulation on food and food packaging
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For the safety of your pharmaceutical substances & products CEHTRA can assist you in the development of your new drugs from early candidate safety profiling to marketing authorisation in the EU and the USA.
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As a manufacturer or a distributor in the field of agriculture, you want to get your substances approved efficiently and get your Plant Protection Products on the market.
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A solid and comprehensive biological evaluation. From risk analysis, including physico-chemical and toxicological study monitoring through to the final biological evaluation report.
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REPLAY - Webinar Reach Autorisation

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5 astuces pour réussir votre dossier d'autorisation REACH

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Keep your REACH registration up to date - ECHA publishes a special newsletter

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CEHTRA certifié par DataDock

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10th annual Biocompatibility For Medical Devices Conference

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Meet up with Nathalie Hanon-Biocides Europe in Vienna 27-28 November

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Cosmetic Valley 14 15 Nov- Votre RDV pour la réglementation Cosmétique

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Cleaning by Design - Nos experts seront le 22 Nov à Barcelone

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Replacing experimentation:
Browse though the KREATiS website and learn about our incredible daughter company – KREATiS replacing experimentation: Cut your lab study costs by using the High-Accuracy QSARs
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CEHTRA Webinar ChromiumVI Prolongation 6 dec 2018 Un webinar en français présenté par Stéphane Pierre, notre expert en REACH Autorisation. Un zoom sur les demandes de prolongation d'utilisation de Chromium VI
BPR Technical Equivalence A Practical Guide Webinar April 2018
CEHTRA Partner of Your HSE Team
CEHTRA Partenaire de Votre Equipe Reglementaire
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