Experienced, quality support in managing the complex and constantly evolving regulation on food and food packaging. Our food contact materials and packaging team has over a decade of hands-on experience providing worldwide regulatory support, can help you to ensure the safety of your products and can help you prepare and update your dossiers.

Meet our expert

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Francois RENON

Head of Packaging

Key Services

Food contact and packaging regulatory support

FCS risk assessments

Declaration of compliance

Cosmetic Packaging: ICC

Worldwide support to be compliant with the requirements of the food contact and packaging regulations

Risk assessments of food contact substances to be compliant with the regulation

For all the actors of the chain value (from the starting substances suppliers to the manufacturer of the final article)

Risk assessment of the interactions between the container and the content of cosmetic products

  • Risk Assessment of articles made from plastics, glass, paper & board, coatings, metals...

  • Including recycled, biobased and biodegradable materials

  • Pragmatic approach to avoid expensive migration or extraction tests

  • Regulatory Support on worldwide food contact regulations including the EU Member States, Switzerland, USA, China, MERCOSUR...

  • Toxicological Expertise

  • Risk assessment of food contaminants

Value-added services

Data management for cosmetic packaging

Support on enviromental legislation on packaging

External resources

Regulatory Watch

Training support for the risk assessment of cosmetic packaging

Training support for recycled packaging



Key Contacts

Francois RENON

Head of Packaging