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CEHTRA General Presentation - EN - 4 JUN

Company Profile

CEHTRA is an international leader in technical and regulatory support with regard to the safety of chemical products. Our focus is on scientific and innovative solutions ensuring regulatory compliance of chemicals to international obligations: from portfolio strategy to notification of chemicals and from human exposure to site audits. CEHTRA consultants provide high quality regulatory services to companies such as yours committed to the safety of their products at optimized costs.

CEHTRA differentiates itself by responding to the strategic challenges of its clients by:

  • A wide range of services including outsourcing (known as "Regie" in France), industrial hygiene and consortia management on one hand, and tools for digital disruption to save time and costs on the other.

  • Alternative regulatory strategies to accelerate the time to market of products thanks to industrial and international expertise recognized for almost 20 years.

  • An innovative blend of proven scientific and digital solutions: endocrine disruption, QSAR and Read-Across support, Data and Management tools such as CEHTRAPEDIA, PRIMO etc.

Our Vision

Today's safe chemicals are a key to tomorrow's sustainable future.

Combining our scientific expertise and years of consulting experience, we remain committed to our clients to ensure safety of their chemicals, thus contributing to the global efforts to protect biodiversity for a safer future.

The three key aspects defining CEHTRA's vision are:

Client Backing

Scientific Expertise

Biodiversity Protection

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