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Are you required to renew an approval of an active substance, to submit a product authorisation or BPF dossier, to apply for Article 95 List inclusion or for Technical Equivalence? 


Chemicals (REACH)

A solid, highly experienced team focussed on helping you meet your compliance deadline.


Demonstrate the safety of both your finished products and ingredients. Get the packaging safety tested. Shorten the time to market.

Global Chemicals Notification

Our internal tools designed to provide you the best worldwide, personalized and optimized strategy for a minimum cost.

Industrial Hygiene

CEHTRA's industrial hygienists have decades of experience working with clients in their industrial sites and manage Environmental, Health and Safety challenges with a well balanced mix of technical expertise and practical experience.


Experienced, quality support in managing complex and constantly evolving regulation on packaging.


For the safety of your pharmaceutical substances & products we can assist you in the development of your new drugs, safety of your drug production and generation of environmental risk assessment.

Plant Protection

As a manufacturer or a distributor in the field of agriculture, you want to get your substances approved efficiently and get your Plant Protection Products on the market.

REACH Authorisation

REACH Authorisation is an European risk management measure which aims to limit human and environmental exposure to substances considered of very high concern.

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