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How about giving a digital touch to the
safety evaluation
of your cosmetic products?


A CEHTRA-designed tool dedicated

to your cosmetics safety assessment

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A CEHTRA-designed tool dedicated

to the evaluation of cosmetic formulas, for toxicology and ecotoxicology.

What is Cosmetick?

  The concept of Cosmetick was born from the collaboration between software developers and toxicologists to faciliate the evaluation of the safety of cosmetic products,

in the context of toxicological profiling. We have enriched it with eco-toxicological data.

Cosmetick allows its users to:

a) Access to hundreds of toxicological and ecotoxicological profiles and composition of raw materials

b) view toxicological and eco-toxicological alerts, and reference values such as NOAELs and EC50s

c) Consult dozens of literature and regulatory sources of information

d) create your own projects and export results by formula

Check out if toxicological and eco-toxicological profiles for your ingredients of interest are covered in Cosmetick!

Databases INCI, impurities and Raw Materials


Toxicological and Eco-Toxicological profiles of ingredients and impurities

Warnings, toxicological and eco-toxicological  values

Export of the profiles



Link to each substance with reference data (Annexes of the Cosmetic Regulation, CLP, IARC…)

Regular updates

Cosmetic projects


For the products evaluated by CEHTRA:


Calculation of Margins of Safety (MOS) for ingredients,

Calculation for impurities


Analysis of the impact of toxicological changes

For the products evaluated by the user:

Word export of toxicological profiles

Toxicological results table (MOS ingredients, impurity calculations, alerts)

Eco-toxicological results table (biodegradability, alerts)

Export of automated evaluations

 Analysis of the impact of toxicological changes

"COSMETICK Advanced is a very useful tool for any cosmetic products safety assessor : all required data are gathered (very complete toxicological profils but also ecotoxicity data and regulation alerts).

The tool can be used to assess the systemic risk of products ingredients and impurities. It also provides local tolerance alerts. It is very easy to use and a great help when you start working on a new project."

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Advanced Limited

to best suit your needs

Advanced Unlimited


Three licence options


Functionalities of the Advanced licences

Advanced limited 

(5 projects/ year)



Toxicological profiles for ingredients and impurities, text and values

Addition of specific confidential data: text and values



Toxicological profiles: export in a Word format


Eco-toxicological profiles for ingredients and impurities


CEHTRAPEDIA: consultation of information from regulatory and toxicological sources of data

Simplified request to CEHTRA for missing data


Raw Materials: composition (in some conditions related to confidentiality)


Creation of a cosmetic project (formula) with its Raw

Materials/ new: INCI formulas


5 per year with alternative formulas

Export of semi-automated toxicological assessment in

Word format


Ecotoxicological results on a formula


Analysis of the impact of toxicological changes on a

previous report


Notification of updated toxicological data

Monthly newsletter related to updates and new profiles

Free new toxicological and eco-toxicological profiles


3 per month

5 per month



Already have a Cosmetick account? 



Our project « Chèque transformation Numérique » has received a grant from the European Union under the FEDER-FSE Aquitaine 2014-2020 operational program.

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