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Autorisation REACH


REACH Authorisation is a European risk management measure which aims to limit human and environmental exposure to substances considered of very high concern. All the users in terms of REACH  definition (formulators, importers, downstream users) of one of the Annex XIV substances in Europe must carry out an Authorisation dossier to continue to be able to use the substance in question.

CEHTRA's team is experienced and the entire dossier is done in-house, from the exposure estimation to the assessment of socio-economic impacts.

Meet our expert


Stephane PIERRE

Head of REACH Authorisation

Key Services

Complete Authorisation dossier


Drafting the whole dossier in coherence (CSR, AoA, SEA)

Protect your interest (regulatory watch, supply chain securisation, public consultation...)


Toward the Authorisation or restriction obligation



Anticipate the regulatory obligation based on the hazard for your substance portfolio

Value-added Services

All the dossier parts are performed internally

Several dossier submitted with success

Member of the NerSAP(Network of REACH SEA and Analysis of Alternatives practitioners)

Tox / Ecotox hazard assessment based on SVHC properties

Regulatory scoring based on the supporting information

Draft the Analysis of Alternatives based on client’s data

Autorisation REACH | Formations


12 Juin. 2023

Maîtrisez CHESAR pour simplifier vos évaluations REACH

26 Juin. 2023

Familiarisez-vous aux FDSe : obligations, contenu et conformité

A venir

Maîtrisez IUCLID et enregistrez vos substances sous REACH



Key Contact

Stephane PIERRE

Head of REACH Authorisation

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