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Unlock the power of Cloud Technology to manage your Worldwide Registrations

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A CEHTRA-designed tool dedicated

to your regulatory compliance

What is PRIMO?

 PRIMO stands for Principle Regulatory Information Management Organizer.  

PRIMO has been designed by our regulatory and IT experts to keep you up-to-date with regulatory compliance information for your projects.


With its state-of-the-art cloud technology, PRIMO allows its users to:

a) both share and store their data securely,

b) prepare their worldwide registration dossiers and

c) make project management easier by giving simultaneous access to all team members, external collaborators and consultants.

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Data Storage

Secure sharing and storage of your data

Easy document upload and download

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Working Documents

Instant access for anyone, anytime, anywhere

Data Gap Analysis (DGA)

Country-specific support for DGA

Monitoring follow-up

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Project Management

Track work progress in real-time

Project budget at your fingertips

Two licence options


PRIMO Ultimate

to best suit your needs

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Client Access*

Upload/download documents

Create/modify registration dossiers

Create Tasks

Track work progress (Gantt Chart)

Access to country-specific DGA

Access to country-specific support for DGA preparation

Access to other clients' consultants







* CEHTRA offers a free access to PRIMO Basic to all its clients. 


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