Industrial Hygiene

CEHTRA's industrial hygienists have decades of experience working with clients in their industrial sites and manage Environmental, Health and Safety challenges with a well balanced mix of technical expertise and practical experience. CEHTRA's track record in multi-disciplinary risk assessment and modelling applies well to real world situations involving chemical substances: ever since its creation, CEHTRA has designed and conducted EHS audits, and advised management at countless sites in virtually every sector of the chemical industry and services.

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Key Services

Exposure Scenarios

Characterisation of the risk linked to the handling of the chemical agent

Risk Management Measures

Ensure compliance with eSDS requirements (Operating Conditions and Technical Measures)

Safety Data Sheets

Safety information on substances and mixtures from manufacture to use

Chemical Safety Reports

Refining approaches used in the CSR to guarantee safe use and worker protection

Chemical agents are classified according to their hazard level. An inventory of the uses of the chemical agents feeds the exposure assessments via Exposure Scenarios, which enables the characteriation of the risk linked to the handling of the chemical agent. We base our evaluation on the Exposure Scenarios written in the Chemical Safety Report and the Safety Data Sheets that will accompany the chemical agent on the Downstream Users premises.

Value-added services

Advice on exposure and health risks

Exposure scenarios using CHESAR and other tools

Training modules for specific company needs

Interpreting risk data

Transport of Dangerous Goods by road (ADR2015)

Defining right strategies for monitoring campaigns