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Cosmetick tool

Check out if toxicological and eco-toxicological profiles for your ingredients of interest are covered in Cosmetick!

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Key contacts

Clarisse Bavoux | CEHTRA

Clarisse BAVOUX

Head of Cosmetics


Marlène BARON


Key Services

Cosmetic products

& formulations :

safety, ecotoxicology, expert advice and regulatory reports

Ingredients, Raw Materials :

Toxicity, Ecotoxicity

and Maximum Doses

  • Toxicological profiles

  • Ecotoxicological profiles

  • Identification of safe concentrations for cosmetic uses

Ingredients under development:

strategy, dossier (toxicology and ecotoxicology)

Support for toxicological and ecotoxicological 


  • Testing strategy

  • In silico approach

  • Additional data

  • Final dossier

  • Literature search, bibliography

  • In vitro tests: analysis and advice

  • Management of data gaps by alternative methods (Read-Across, in silico approach)

Key Services
  • CEHTRA has been commissioned by numerous companies including multi-nationals in the cosmetics industry to assist them with cosmetic regulation compliance.

  • We can propose complementary approaches in case of data gaps (structural alerts, QSAR, Read-across). Our eco-toxicologists can contribute to the eco-conceptions of your formula.

  • At CEHTRA, we are professional partner of the Cosmetic Valley and provide different training courses on the Fundamentals of the Cosmetic Regulation, webinars on Content / Container Interactions or seminaire in University.

 "COSMETICK Advanced is a very useful tool for any cosmetic products safety assessor : all required data are gathered (very complete toxicological profils but also ecotoxicity data and regulation alerts).

The tool can be used to assess the systemic risk of products ingredients and impurities. It also provides local tolerance alerts. It is very easy to use and a great help when you start working on a new project."


Services and Tools in Ecotoxicology

​CEHTRA is committed to the protection of the environment, and offers services and tools in ecotoxicology:

  • COSMETICK is an online software solution offering ecotoxicological profiles and an "Ecotoxicological Alerts" system for ingredients and formulas

  • ECOSCORES can be customised to score and measure the ecotoxicological and environmental footprint of cosmetic products

  • ECOTOXICOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS of ingredients and formulas allow prioritisation of ingredient choices up to the obtaining of Labels such as the EU ECOLABEL (rinsed and non-rinsed cosmetic products)

  • MISSING DATA can be replaced in part by results from alternative methods (Read-Across, in silico approaches)

  • Our ADVICE and REGULATORY support enable us to ensure the compliance of your products and ingredients, manage risks and anticipate regulatory changes.

Value-added Services

In-depth expertise for INCI, impurities and fragrance components, including MOS and QRA

Hazard assessment (toxicology and ecotoxicology)

Extensive and cross-cutting areas of expertise: from environment to human health, from formulation to packaging

Data qualification

Monitoring of studies

Cosmetick database (toxicological & ecotoxicological profiles, formula analysis)

Produits Cosmétiques | Formations


24 Sept. 2024

Regulations in Europe and the USA for recycled plastics
intended for contact with food and in cosmetics

3 Dec. 2024

Introduction to packaging regulations: understanding and implementing them


Value-added Services

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