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Cosmetick tool

Check out if toxicological and eco-toxicological profiles for your ingredients of interest are covered in Cosmetick!

Key contacts

Clarisse Bavoux | CEHTRA

Clarisse BAVOUX

Head of Cosmetics


Marlène BARON




Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Key Services

Ingredients, Raw Materials and Formulations:

Toxicity, Ecotoxicity

and Maximum Doses

  • Toxicological profiles

  • Ecotoxicological profiles

  • Identification of safe concentrations for cosmetic uses

Ingredients under development: strategy, dossier (toxicology and ecotoxicology)

  • Testing strategy

  • In silico approach

  • Additional data

  • Final dossier

Support for toxicological and ecotoxicological 


  • Literature search, bibliography

  • In vitro tests: analysis and advice

  • Management of data gaps by alternative methods (Read-Across, in silico approach)

  • CEHTRA has been commissioned by numerous companies including multi-nationals in the cosmetics industry to assist them with cosmetic regulation compliance.

  • CEHTRA evaluates the safety of several types of products (care, hygiene, perfumes...), and new ingredients. CEHTRA’s comprehensive databases allow us to anticipate risks for your products.

  • We can propose complementary approaches in case of data gaps (structural alerts, QSAR, Read-across). Our eco-toxicologists can contribute to the eco-conceptions of your formula.

  • At CEHTRA, we are professional partner of the Cosmetic Valley and provide different training courses on the Fundamentals of the Cosmetic Regulation, webinars on Content / Container Interactions or seminaire in University.

Services and Tools in Ecotoxicology

 New !  

​CEHTRA is committed to the protection of the environment, and offers services and tools in ecotoxicology:

  • COSMETICK is an online software solution offering ecotoxicological profiles and an "Ecotoxicological Alerts" system for ingredients and formulas

  • ECOSCORES can be customised to score and measure the ecotoxicological and environmental footprint of cosmetic products

  • ECOTOXICOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS of ingredients and formulas allow prioritisation of ingredient choices up to the obtaining of Labels such as the EU ECOLABEL (rinsed and non-rinsed cosmetic products)

  • MISSING DATA can be replaced in part by results from alternative methods (Read-Across, in silico approaches)

  • Our ADVICE and REGULATORY support enable us to ensure the compliance of your products and ingredients, manage risks and anticipate regulatory changes.

Key contact


Pierre-Yves GOURVES


Value-added Services

In-depth expertise for INCI, impurities and fragrance components, including MOS and QRA

Data qualification

Hazard assessment (toxicology and ecotoxicology)

Extensive and cross-cutting areas of expertise: from environment to human health, from formulation to packaging

Monitoring of studies

COSMETICK database (toxicological & ecotoxicological profiles, formula analysis)

Produits Cosmétiques | Formations


24 Mai. 2023

Initiation aux règlementations pour les emballages : les comprendre et les mettre en œuvre

9 Juin. 2023

Des cosmétiques plus sûrs pour demain - Connaissez vos obligations réglementaires



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