Demonstrate the safety of both your finished products and ingredients. Get the packaging safety tested. Shorten the time to market. The current regulation for the cosmetics industry requires safety assessment to be performed by a qualified Safety Assessor, with a relevant expertise in Toxicology.


Combining our years of expertise, information from our databases  and access to state-of-the-art digital tools, we aim at demonstrating safety and compliance for cosmetic products  in CPSR and PIF documents.  During the R&D phase, before launching the product on the market and later, we anticipate concerns, validate safe uses and manage easy updates.

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Clarisse BAVOUX

Head of Cosmetics


Marlène BARON



Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Our Tools

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Check out if toxicological profiles for your ingredients of interest are covered in Cosmetick!

Key Services

CPSR comprehensive evaluation

Raw Materials: toxicity and maximal doses

  • Pre-assessment

  • Final Cosmetic Product Safety Report

  • Toxicological profiles

  • Identification of safe concentrations for cosmetic uses

Ingredients under development: strategy, dossier

Support for toxicological and eco-toxicological issues

  • Strategy for tests

  • In silico approach

  • Complementary data

  • Final dossier

  • Literature search

  • Use of existing data

  • In vitro tests

  • Support for in silico approaches

  • CEHTRA has been commissioned by numerous companies including multi-nationals in the cosmetics industry to assist them with cosmetic regulation compliance.


  • CEHTRA evaluates the safety of several types of products (care, hygiene, perfumes...), and new ingredients. CEHTRA’s comprehensive databases allow us to anticipate risks for your products.

  • We can propose complementary approaches in case of data gaps (structural alerts, QSAR, Read-across). Our eco-toxicologists can contribute to the eco-conceptions of your formula.

  • At CEHTRA, we are professional partner of the Cosmetic Valley and provide different training courses on the Fundamentals of the Cosmetic Regulation, webinars on Content / Container Interactions or seminaire in University.

Value-added Services

In-depth expertise 

In-house rich database


Review of Product Information files

International regulatory compliance


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