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Biocontrol solutions are unmissable alternatives to chemical plant protection products in the context of agriculture evolution towards better mastery of food quality.


Biocontrol involves macro-organisms, micro-organisms, semiochemicals (such as pheromones) and substances of natural origin (mineral, animal, plant).


CEHTRA prepares regulatory compliance dossiers for biocontrol solutions (excluding macro-organisms), prior to their possible use in Organic Agriculture, and supports manufacturers in the early stages of development of these new solutions.



Head of Plant Protection

Arrosant les plantes

is identified for Biocontrol Diagnostic

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You are

  • A French SME

  • Developing a new biocontrol product 

  • Needing the feasibility of your project

CEHTRA provides

  • Preliminary studies of product characterization and efficacy

  • Bibliographic search

  • Data Gap Analysis

  • Laboratory studies and field trials

Our collaboration leads to

  • Keen understanding of substance definition and claim of use

  • State-of the-art of published scientific knowledge

  • Optimised testing strategy

  • Regulatory compliant data

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