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Learn and keep up to date on the essentials of the regulations.

Ancre 1

Biological evaluation of medical devices in accordance with EN ISO 10993-1

from 580€ (HT)

Understand the methodology of biological assessment in accordance with EN ISO 10993-1
Assess the conformity of a biological assessment plan

Familiarise yourself with eSDS: obligations, content and compliance

from 580€ (HT)

Understand the obligations under REACH and the impact/penalties in the event of non-compliance
Know how to draw up an extended safety data sheet
As a downstream user, know how to check your own compliance with supplier SDSs
Be familiar with the methods for ensuring compliance in the event of discrepancies between downstream uses and the exposure scenarios covered by the eSDS

How do Biocidal Product Families work? Accelerate your time to market!

from 580€ (HT)

Addressing the stages of an application for authorisation of a family of biocidal products :
- Similarity of composition & grouping of co-formulants
- Similarity of uses
- Similar level of risk and efficacy
Addressing the various points to be taken into account when dividing biocidal product families for current evaluations

Introduction to packaging regulations: understanding and implementing them

from 580€ (HT)

Areas: food contact, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

Understand the regulatory prerequisites for cosmetic, food contact and pharmaceutical packaging
Acquire an overview of the regulatory texts applicable to materials
Be familiar with the essential requirements and specific features of this legislation
Understand a container/content risk assessment (LMS)

Master CHESAR to simplify your REACH assessments

from 580€ (HT)

Understand the obligations under REACH
How to use CHESAR to carry out a CSA (Chemical Safety Assessment)
Be able to generate a CSR (Chemical Safety Report) under CHESAR
Comply with ECHA expectations

Master IUCLID and register your substances under REACH

from 290€ (HT)

How to navigate and enter data in IUCLID
Be familiar with the main non-technical sections of a REACH dossier and know how to complete them
Be able to proofread the technical sections of a REACH dossier
Know how to use the various features of IUCLID (exports, validation wizards)
Be able to submit a dossier in REACH IT

Plant Protection Products: from regulation to registration

from 580€ (HT)

Understanding regulatory procedures for active substances and products
Understanding zonal assessment and dRR dossiers
Understanding the content of dossiers and the pitfalls to avoid

Regulations in Europe and the USA for recycled plastics
intended for contact with food and in cosmetics

from 140€ (HT)

Be able to describe the basics of European regulation 2022/1616/EC for recycled plastics in contact with foodstuffs
Be able to describe the basics of US regulations for recycled plastics: No Objection Letters, processes, etc.

Regulatory ecotoxicology: from the appropriate conduct of studies to environmental risk assessment

from 870€ (HT)

Gain a better understanding of why studies are carried out, what the results mean and how they can be used for Classification and Risk Assessment.
Be able to spot the pitfalls of studies and know how to avoid them

Safer cosmetics for tomorrow - Know your regulatory obligations

from 580€ (HT)

Knowing and understanding Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009
Understand the risk assessment of a cosmetic product
Identify areas for improvement in order to comply with regulatory obligations

Toxicology and Classification - the fundamentals of your regulatory success

from 1160€ (HT)

Understand the role of toxicology in the life of substances in accordance with regulations
Understanding the main tests, their difficulties and the issues involved
Optimising interaction between managers and experts


« Formation très claire avec formatrice très agréable.
Les exemples concrets ont permis de mettre en lumière la complexité des packagings et d'obtenir des informations sur la composition. »
Certification QUALIOPI - Action de formation

La certification qualité a été délivrée au titre de la catégorie d’action suivante : ACTION DE FORMATION.

A propos de CEHTRA

Nous sommes spécialisés depuis 20 ans dans l’accompagnement des entreprises pour la mise sur le marché de substances ou produits chimiques en France et également en Europe, et hors Europe.

Nos toxicologues, écotoxicologues, chimistes mettent à votre disposition leur expertise pour assurer la conformité réglementaire de vos produits.

Avec une équipe de 70 personnes, nous couvrons une dizaine de secteurs dont REACH, les biocides, les produits phytosanitaires…

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